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The Lounge Ring


Welcome to the First Official Lounge Ring! This ring is comprised of web sites related to Ultralounge, Cocktail, Easy Listening, Space Age Pop, Bachelor Pad, Cocktail Jazz, 60s-70s Jazz Funk, Original sixties soundtracks, Exotic, Sexadelic, Incredibly Strange Music. It could be likened to a "Lounge Music Neighbourhood on the Web". This Lounge Ring was created on November 30, 1998.

A webring is a ring of sites all linked together by hypertext coding, that forms a circle. Through navigation links visitors can decide whether to go to the next or previous site, jump to a random site or survey all the sites that make up the ring. When you join a web ring you are assigned a number, or site ID, which identifies your site, and you must then add an html fragment to your web page.



Joining the Lounge Ring is easy and free! You must fill in a form and paste an html fragment on your site. It's as simple as that!

Choose the graphics that look best on your site. Be careful, the html fragment changes for each graphic.



Win the Awards for the Best Lounge and Best Exotic sites 1999! Anyone can apply so fill in the form and participate to the swankiest contest ever!

The Lounge Ring has a members area, where all of the ring members can edit their site info, their details, and decide whether to leave the Ring.

Message Board


New! Interact with the Lounge Ring. Read or post messages at our new Message Board. The discussions are related to music, news, events, etc. Come on and participate!

New! Chat with people that share your same interests. It is a real time java chat so if your browser isn't java enabled, you will not enter. Try and enjoy!


New! New! New! Listen to some rare grooves in our easy listening room. Real audio sounds with absolute gems taken from rare Italian soundtrack tunes, groovy 60s and 70s psychedelic funk, cool, sexy funky easy listening psycho pop. Don't miss it!

~~~Easy Listening Room~~~

This --Lounge Ring-- site is owned by The Ringmistress.
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