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Here is the generic HTML fragment for the GRAPHIC #1b

Copy everything that is in the table and paste it at the bottom of your webpage but make the proper modifications! Change everything that is in RED color.

<p><center><font face="verdana" size=2>
<a href=""
onmouseover="window.status='The Lounge Ring';return true" target="_top">
<IMG SRC="" border="0" alt="The Lounge Ring"></a><br>
[ <a href=";id=YOUR ID NUMBER;prev"
onmouseover="window.status='<<';return true" target="_top"> &lt;&lt; </a>
&nbsp;<a href=";id=YOUR ID NUMBER;next"
onmouseover="window.status='>>';return true" target="_top"> &gt;&gt; </a>
&nbsp;<a href=";random"
onmouseover="window.status='??';return true" target="_top"> ?? </a>
&nbsp;<a href=";list"
onmouseover="window.status='##';return true" target="_top"> ## </a> ]

What it looks like:

The Lounge Ring
[ <<   >>   ??   ##  ]

If you need any help email me

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