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This is a JAVA CHAT:
It may take a couple minutes or so to load, so please be patient.

If the login screen does not appear, you probably are behind a firewall or do not have a Java-enabled browser.

The applet works with the following browsers and platforms:
Netscape 4.0, 3.03, 3.02 on Windows 95 and NT, Unix flavors, and PowerMacs.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01, 3.02, and 4 on Windows 95, NT and Mac.
The applet does not support Windows 3.x operating systems or AOL browsers.

When the chat finishes loading, just type in your nickname in the "USER NAME" field, ignore the "E-MAIL ADDRESS", "REAL NAME" and "PASSWORD" fields and click on "OK! CONNECT" to enter. Enjoy!

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